Küzler. Simple living. Technology Efficency.

The Brief:
How to build the credibility of a technology brand to serve the basic needs of everyday life? How do we align ourselves to the new standards of technology of the future? Breaking the white color paradigm as a category identifier.

The Solution:
With just over 3 years in the market, Küzler in the Peruvian market, renewed its brand perception accompanied by a DNA that encompasses the final goal of good performance of its electronic products: Vívelo Simple. The simplicity of the good, the functional and the effective. The proposal of a new simple and dynamic visual system that allows easy understanding of the benefits of each product in their portfolio.

Turning the main brand asset into a visual enhancer.
From the analysis of the possible opportunities of the brand, Minoru Higa & Ronald Pizarro focused strategic efforts on giving a sense to the color they already used: the color red. A color that provides the necessary highlight within technological neutrality.

Simplicity and nothing more than simplicity. The common denominator for all graphic decisions made for the brand. A visual language that combines the functional, the technical and the neutral to give rise to a system of packages easy to read and understand.

“Before we were not looked at, today we are the brand that -breaks the visual scheme- of the gondolas and, moreover, is already considered by the largest business stakeholders, both in the traditional channel, as in the modern one.”
-Gianfranco Panizo, Küzler General Manager.

Since the renewal of the brand, we have achieved what until 2 years ago we saw impossible: the consideration of placing our products in all channels. We are about to expand our lines and in the future be able to offer our products internationally.


Credits: Minoru Higa, Ronald Pizarro

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