KOW Steaks

Crown Creative designed KOW Steaks – an Iowa-based ranch-to-table wagyu beef producer and supplier.

From a meticulous farming family with an unwavering focus on quality products that are trusted and loved by some of America’s top chefs and culinary experts.Crown Creative was tasked with reinventing and elevating the wagyu purveyors as a brand to push them to the forefront as the creme da la creme in a saturated market of online butchers.

The designers advised Kow Cattle Company be renamed as KOW Steaks and created a primary logo that is heavier, thicker, stronger, and more mature, yet simple, elegant, clean, and refined.Due to the length of the brand name, they felt it was imperative to create a more utilitarian and dominant word mark, by going completely custom and drawing each character by hand.

A new badge system enables variety of application and moments of storytelling to solidify the brand and immediately separate them from competitors. The simplicity is also visible in the color palette, staying true to the original monochromatic color, and remaining clean enough to not distract from the beauty & vibrancy of marbled wagyu beef

A brand that matches their product’s quality and puts them on the pedestal they deserve so that they can live alongside sophisticated household names like Nobu, Delmonico’s, James Beard House, and The Plaza Hotel – all of whom have used their wagyu beef.


Credits: Crown Creative

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