Cheers to Paperlux Studio‘s branding design for Konetzki — an agency for beverages and luxury founded by Sommelier Jan Konetzk, expressing Jan’s spirit: a relaxed unwillingness to compromise in quality and the highest appreciation of detail, all balanced by an unmitigated awareness of context and purpose. “Tell me who you are and I shall tell you what to drink” is Jan’s motto, summarising pretty much what’s this start-up about: focusing on wine expertise, but also offering premium services in related business areas to discerning clients.

Now that you have a glass of wine in your hand, let’s talk about this premium kind of design. This typography-based design presents a stylish serif-type font with a variable stroke, ligatureless, and with a variation in small-cap K that makes this font Jan’s signature. Respecting Konetzki’s business cards, the white-on-white design enlights the typography with an iridescent tone.

Paperlux Design Studio is based In Germany and international brands confide in them as their partner for a wide range of design services since 2006. They bring corporate design, brand identity, product, and packaging creation to fruition on a shared journey with their clients. They are frequently asked what the word “Paper” has to do with their name. It’s the material for which, in their very beginning, they developed a paper etching method. Even though nowadays they use many different materials and methods for their projects.
Enjoy the rest of the wine and scroll down 😉


Credits: Paperlux Studio

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