Kinfill Home Care

Andrea Arques designed Kinfill Home Care. Kinfill was born in response to the alarming problem of single-use plastics. It is a contemporary premium brand of home hygiene products whose mission is clear and groundbreaking in equal measure. Cleaning a dirty and worn sector such as the domestic cleaning sector.

The designer’s work with Kinfill consisted on landing the brand and contextualizing it in the home environment. Arches, windows, intimate moments in our private spaces, conversations in a kitchen, interviews in a room. The objective has been to activate the brand in a domestic context where the product is an excuse to highlight the importance of the home and its —our— care.

The art direction in the photographs as well as the look & feel of the website or the packaging is purely aspirational and sensitive. A balance between the functionality of a perfectly executed useful product and a universe of smells and emotions that seek to transcend the idea of ​​home care to personal care.


Credits: Andrea Arques

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