Kathrin Heubeck leather bags

KATHRINHEUBECK is a collection of sleek, simple bags handmade from 100% eco leather in Munich, Germany. Kathrin created and launched her bag collection while living in Brooklyn, New York. The idea of designing her own line of bags came to life after she had scoured the city unable to find the right bag for herself – one that speaks through form and material rather than unnecessary hardware and overwhelming logos. After having worked as an architect for several years, she made the switch and dedicated herself to designing and producing minimalistic bags using eco-conscious materials exclusively. Every KATHRINHEUBECK bag is now handcrafted in her studio in Munich with great care and passion. The designs are timeless, pure and subtle – no flashy hardware, no showy logos, no plastic, no nonsense: each bag is straight-forward, understated and made to last for many years.


Credits: Kathrin Heubeck

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