Kamil Barczentewicz Identity

It’s the last day of the weekend, and we’re a little bit blue as we’re thinking about going to work tomorrow. But let’s end this day a little bit better with a glass of wine from Winnica Kamil Barczentewicz! Based in Dobre, Poland, the winery asked Motyw Studio to create its visual identity. 

Wine labels are a crucial part of the project. The creative team received inspiration from the landscapes and folds of the picturesque hill in Dobre, as Kamil always repeats himself, the vineyard’s importance. So, designers came up with stunning illustrations on the labels that reflect Kamil’s vision.
Creatives wanted to show the transition of the vineyard all along the year. Consequently, they chose deep, contrasting colors that bring to mind the vineyard environment, changing with the seasons. To show the habitat’s climate and the taste of wine, the team needed a simple but penetrating means of expression. The shapes chosen illustrate the landscapes all over the label.

Winnica Kamil Barczentewic’s overall identity and graphic system bring the very best from Dobre’s vineyard! Plus, its beautiful illustrations complement the branding. What are you waiting to open a bottle of wine before scrolling down?

Additional credits
Web development: Owls Department
Content writer: Julia Adamus
Photography: Marcin Magiera
Print photo: Yeloow Studio


Credits: Motyw Studio

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