Kaleida Corporate Design

The new brand identity for 12th Battalion Productions was created by Visual Things design studio. A new name and identity was created that would reflect their transition from a holographic company for the theatrical world, to a holographic content and staging company for anyone and everyone.

The new name, Kaleida, is intended to represent the production studio’s identity – ‘a passionate and talented group of people creating exciting work for a new and exciting platform’.

Visual Things studio says, ‘Holograms are often misunderstood so a key challenge was to visually present how they work.’

To achieve this, the studio created an identity that plays with space and sets up an illusion of abstract objects interacting with the 2D logomark, transforming it into something that appears 3D. ‘We employed a framing device which acts as both the logo and the platform to visually represent the illusion.’ In this way, the logomark forms a dynamic identity that is able to evolve over time.


Credits: Visual Things

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