Algoritmo Design designed Júrame. From a community that guards the ancestral knowledge of mezcal making is born a brand that is both authentic and functional. Creating a mezcal brand is a profoundly emotional feat because it implies an enormous responsibility with one of Mexico’s most ancient art forms. It means giving form and voice to a national treasure. For Júrame, a mezcal with more than a century’s worth of history, the designers took inspiration from early 20th century mexican art.

It was imperative to create a narrative that underlined the mexicanity of this mezcal, while at the same differentiating it from other mezcals, mostly from Oaxaca and other states in Mexico. This is why they used themes common to any Mexican’s identity for building this brand, while at the same time introducing graphic elements unique to this mezcal’s place of origin and to the people that make it.


Credits: Algoritmo Design

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