Ji & Chang Branding

Vision & Virtue Snapshot Ji & Chang is a family office founded on passion, hard work, and knowledge, turning projects and investments into impact. The Objective: Ji & Chang create and invest in businesses with purpose, with each success allowing for greater investment into schools, scholarships, and start-ups. The brand should align with this purpose it should be quietly confident and approachable yet exude ambition and quality. So, they asked Pop & Pac Studio to design their visual identity
The Outcome: The brand is exquisitely crafted with no detail overlooked. A subtle Asian undertone acknowledges the client’s heritage. The monogram is an inter-connected ‘J & C’ that seeks to communicate the family bond and Ji & Chang’s profound connection to the community. Abstractly it’s a butterfly (when reflected) that communicates Ji & Chang’s purpose – to create profound change.

Art Direction, Branding, Collateral, Graphic Design by Pop & Pac
Collateral Photography by Foliolio
Printing by Gunn & Taylor


Credits: Pop & Pac Studio

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