Jazz en Juin

Proud collaborators since 2019, MamboMambo have set out to portray an image filled with festivity and joy for 2023.

This year marked the complete return of artists and spectators to the venue since the pandemic. The visual and aesthetic aspects of this edition thus highlight the festive spirit of the festival with vibrant colors and lively characters displaying jazz instruments.

The very essence of the Quebec Jazz Festival in June is expressed through this visual world where simplicity enhances the celebration. You will mainly find captivating characters, adorned with jazz instruments, coming to life within a palette of vibrant colors. The dynamic and rhythmic typography harmoniously accompanies each composition, adding a touch of energy to the whole.

Credits: Studio: MamboMambo, Creative direction: Zorani Sanabria, Guillaume Beaulieu Art Direction: Zorani Sanabria, Guillaume Beaulieu & Tommy Hachez Graphic design: Nancy Boivin Illustrations: Zorani Sanabria Motion design: Tommy Hachez


Credits: MamboMambo

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