Jardins do Porto

In perfect harmony with the original details of a bourgeois townhouse from the 19th century, Jardins do Porto is a boutique guesthouse located in the bustling heart of Porto that provides a new era of unassuming luxury with all the comfort of modern-day living. 327 Creative Studio was in charge of its visual identity.

In the true spirit of its name Jardins do Porto, the place captures the feeling of bringing the outside in: with welcoming scattered plants, its large skylight, and its greenhouse restaurant Jardineiro, allowing an abundance of natural light to flood in. The design inspired by the aesthetics, patterns, and house textures results in a refined classic type. Plus, it’s combined with a modern flavor and the symbol representing the ancient fountain found in the property’s garden. To enrich the sensorial experience, designers chose the Gmund range of paper by GF Smith – made using elemental chlorine-free pulp and spent brewer’s grain. This creates a unique surface with just a hint of texture.


Credits: 327 Creative Studio

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