Architectural Mirrors

Studio Note: "I am very interested in the boundary between buildings and objects. For example, a tile laid on the floor is a part of a building, but a lag laid on it is a thing. So from the thought that what incorporates the elements of a tile into a lag becomes a building or a thing I made a work “tile cowpet” at the border of architecture and things by sinking the rug on a 1 cm floor, assimilating it with the tile and restoring it. There are some things in the boundary between the building and the object, but the mirror is not only furniture like the mirror stand and the full-length mirror but also the thing which is on the boundary line of the furniture and the building which becomes a part of the building when stuck on the wall. Since the purpose of a mirror is now assumed to be used for people, I thought about creating mirrors at the border between architecture and objects by considering the mirror for architecture rather than for people. There is reflection of light as a characteristic of the mirror. A straight line, a curved line, a parallel line, a line which intersects perpendicularly by the reflected light and the shadow made by the light hit the wall, the ceiling, the pillar and the window Is mixing with the line of the building in the original and creating a new shape. I pulled the line made of light and shadow from the architecture and made it concrete by returning “invisible thing” which can be made by reflection line from the mirror “visible” placed in the mirror."

Credits: Studio Note

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