Ilka & Franz for N26

Ilka & Franz for N26 is a beautiful photography project created by Ilka & Franz . It consisted on a photo series for the brand N26, where art direction and styling were perfectly thought to achieve a colorful and modern series which clearly communicated the brand´s identity.

Photography: Ilka & Franz ~ Cosmopola
Prop & Wardrobe Styling: Katie Fotis
Make-up: Grace Ellington
Hair: Hannah Godley
Nails: Yasmine Elwakil
Food Styling: Maud Eden ~ Hers Agency
Post-Production: Post Apollo
Production: Vicky Pettifer
Talent: Jolie, Nina Taylor & Amanda ~ Hired Hands, Sandy Amon Schwartz, Truffle ~ Urban Paws UK
Animations: Cris Wiegandt, Lacy Barry & Frank Groll ~ Cosmopola


Credits: Ilka & Franz

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