Huhbub corporate identity

Founder Sara Veal entrusted the design studio Fiasco Design from Bristol to get Huhbub off the ground with a bold identity to catch the attention of busy authors and publishers who want to ‘make things happen’. With a central theme of “joining the dots”, the studio created an identity that is full of movement, made up of the many moving pieces that Huhbub brings together in dynamic ways – forming their vital offering. The logo is a subtle link to the “many moving parts” theme as each letter is created by the trails of the moving dots, with the rounded edges creating an approachable visual language. This theme was brought through into brand collateral and a simple but friendly website. The site was built with Ajax loading functions to create seamless transitions between pages, alongside colourful page animations and an animated .svg version of the logo as a loading intro to the site. The addition of animated page transitions bolsters the feeling of movement and solidifies the brands tagline to make things happen through its digital channels.

Credits: Fiasco Design

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