Teo Menna designed Hub88. The challenge was to create a young and vibrant environment for student using low budget resources. Hub88 is a student residence in São Paulo. The project is a retrofit of a 13-story building from the 70s that had adequate infrastructure for housing use. The project, conceived by Cupertino Arquitetura, prioritized the intervention in the common areas. The removal of walls and lining gave place to a large collective space on the ground floor, where well-lit study environments were created. The ground floor common areas became the reception, mailboxes, and a lounge with study desks and places for relaxation. First-floor apartments needed a solution to the lack of privacy and excessive light.

The main element is the façade, which received a CNC cutting nautical plywood panel to control the light and provide privacy for the balconies. Several tests were done until we found the optimal proportion of the castings, ensuring that the lighting / privacy ratio was optimal. The result is a custom-made panel, which has become an icon of the building.


Credits: Teo Menna

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