House of Forme

As part of House of Forme’s company launch, a heart warming PR brand activation package

was created for their clients, friends and family. Designed, illustrated and packaged by their in-house team, the package aims to showcase their sense of craft and storytelling as well as their unique thinking behind the company brand. Each package features a handwritten note from the Founder, a brand Anatomy poster, mask holder, tote bag as well as an envelope with beautifully illustrated cards that introduces House of Forme’s service offerings.

As a design & creative agency that pursues beautifully crafted communications anchored in strong narratives, House of Forme knew they needed to invest more time, energy and capital into their very own brand identity. First, for their clients to understand the subtle details that matter during production, and second, it was equally important for them to showcase what they represented. They knew they needed to create an identity that could celebrate their ethos, whilst maintaining neutral as a design company.


Credits: House of Forme

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