There’s no place like Holm. Wisely responding to a well-known phrase, Theola marketing agency came up with a neat concept for HG Development’s housing project: Holm. Architecturally stunning, luxuriously peaceful. A chance to live in a beautiful natural environment with all the trappings of modern design and convenience. 

Holm is a boutique collection of just fourteen townhomes nestled high above the tree canopies of the Bardon Valley. The identity created for HG Developments consists of the name, a refined logo, and a nature-inspired color palette. For instance, the monogram designed consists of 14 flower petals, each petal representing one of these unique townhomes. Plus, it’s complemented with serif typography for the name, giving the project a sophisticated style.
Also, the project includes a series of illustrations. These capture the sophisticated idiosyncrasies of Bardon and the laidback feel of the lifestyle on offer. With a fresh and friendly approach, the Theola agency came up with an overall elevated aesthetic. 

The height of contemporary luxury living, nestled high above the tree canopies of the Bardon Valley, this project features a high-quality identity, perfectly representing its standards. This is our invitation for you to scroll down and feel like Holm 🙂

Theola is a full-service strategic marketing consultancy based in Brisbane, Australia. To stand out, first, you need to stand for something meaningful. Something real. They partner with ambitious businesses willing to define their most compelling truths. And they use those truths to create deeper, more relevant brands. Unmistakable brands, with the power to disrupt crowded categories through integrity and purpose. Brands with Standout Place Appeal.

Illustration by Makoto Funatsu
Location Photography by Sam Scoufos
Collateral Photography by Foliolio


Credits: Theola Studio

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