Hicks – Identity System & Stationery

Identity System + Stationery for a real estate group that offers development, solutions and capital branches based in Chihuahua, México. Hicks is a new-generation real este group with big ambitions. They are in the process of building a state-of the art mixed-use project with architect Fernando Romero in Chihuahua, Mexico. Our job was to develop their brand new identity system, which was divided into three different companies from the same HICKS group, each of them specialized in a specific area to complement each other and develop amazing projects. FACE created a very simple yet modern visual system where each company is based on a specific set of geometric patterns and classic color palette. A very elegant, timeless identity that reflects the finesse and sharp vision of these new companies. Simple, modern, beautiful, just the way we love doing things.


Credits: FACE

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