Hercule Studio Branding

When Jérémy and Joy, former top athletes, founded Hercule Studio, they sought to rethink the world of sporting goods through a truly innovative approach. Their philosophy of “Exercise Beautifully” puts emotions, aesthetics and design on equal footing with the pragmatic aspects of athletic performance.

To bring this enlightened vision to life, they partnered with French branding agency Abmo. Drawing inspiration from the mythological 12 Labors of Hercules, Abmo crafted an iconic brand identity system for Hercule Studio that exudes elegance, rigor and vitality.

At the core is the monogram – an “H” marque with a bold, tensile geometry that evokes the beauty of the human form in motion. This defining symbol is then multiplied into 12 distinct yet cohesive variations, each representing a different value like creativity, timelessness and collective spirit.

The comprehensive branding extends well beyond the logo to encompass custom patterns for textile applications, art-directed photography with an intimate, embodied perspective, and more brand expressions that immerse customers in the Hercule Studio universe.


Credits: Abmo

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