Hedylogos Wine

Loukas Chondros & TAIZO Design designed Hedylogos Wine.


As the god of sweet-talk and flattery.
A semi-sweet rosé wine with delicate aromas of flowers and white summer fruits treats you with
a long-lasting sweet aftertaste. Alongside with the aromas, this wine carries a poet of love with it.
A piece of folk poetry that honours the love for a young woman, becomes the message in a bottle
that sails away to find her.

These poetry lines are the words of a man addressing his beloved. The narrative follows the journey
of a message that travels through the sea to hopefully find her. He speaks about their kiss beneath
the night sky and the stars. Τhe moon revealed their intimate moment to the sea, the water passed
the message to a sailor though his paddle and then he sang about it to a young woman (her).

The label designed to serve this ritual, has no glue on the back. The label may be torn off just before consumption. The double sided tape holds the label ends together onto the bottle through the hole below the surface overlap. You may easily remove the hand-written message from the bottle by using
the back-side perforation.



Credits: Loukas Chondros & TAIZO Design

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