Happy People Packaging

Surrounded by lots of responsibilities and stress, sometimes we forgot how good it feels to release a laugh. Today we bring some happiness to the digital world. This design post features Happy People Packaging design by Anagrama. We want you to enjoy this project and perhaps finish it with a smile on your face.

Happy People is a brand that seeks to bring Mexicans to the best version of themselves looking and feeling better through products that introduce them to a new lifestyle. The brand currently has two lines: Foods and Skin, based on three fundamental pillars: Well-being, Innovation, and Justice.
The objective was to create a friendly, positive, and aspirational brand standing out from the competition. The brand must generate confidence in consumers by inviting them to try a new product with an affinity to their interests. And we think Anagrama nailed it!

Happy People’s logo integrates a smile, a human trait that makes the brand more friendly, playing as the protagonist in all packaging. The brand’s transparency was taken into consideration when displaying the information arrangements as technical sheets. These arrangements bring order and structure to all views and make the brand adaptable to any presentation. The color palette contains pastel shades, one of 2021’s color trends, that harmonize brand applications. We hope you enjoy this curated project and bring you some joy for starting this day 🙂


Credits: Anagrama Studio

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