GUT stands as a global independent creative network, boasting a widespread international presence. Its primary mission revolves around inspiring individuals to heed their instincts. The collaboration between &Walsh with GUT commenced in 2019, focusing on the creation of a distinctive logo, featuring a spiral GUT intestine as its centerpiece.

In the intervening years, GUT has undergone substantial growth, expanding its workforce to encompass over 500 individuals in seven countries across the globe. In the current year, GUT has engaged in a partnership to cultivate an extensive reservoir of brand assets. This reservoir includes a custom gut intestine type and numbering system, alongside a sophisticated guidelines framework. This framework is engineered for effortless scalability and application across the diverse agency branches and creative departments situated worldwide.

The hallmark of GUT’s branding lies in its minimalist yet impactful design. A striking interplay of black and white accentuates its visual identity. The logomark and brand system feature graceful, curvilinear elements that coalesce into a visually captivating pattern, particularly evident in the dynamic, animated rendition of the logo.

A notable challenge involved addressing inconsistencies in how the brand was employed across different GUT locations. This encompassed typography, social media, photography, awards, company events, announcements, internal presentations, and printed materials. The solution was the creation of a comprehensive library of brand elements and corresponding guidelines. This repository encompasses sub-brand logos, intricate illustrations, captivating patterns, and a custom alphabet, fostering heightened brand consistency throughout all touchpoints within the GUT universe.

STRATEGY: Lauren Walsh
PRODUCTION: Chanel Harper, Adriano Ellert
LEAD DESIGNER: Gabriela Nami, Fabrizio Morra, Sofia Noronha, Jessica Gracia
DESIGN TEAM: Yuxin Zhou, Marina Glikman, Kaan Iscan, Cris Giménez, Fernando Farfán, Javier Guiterrez, Julio Zukerman, Zitong Zhao, Andrei Robu, Tais Kahatt, Claudia Nazionale, Kristýna Jenčová, Leila Čičić, Riisa Liao, Juri Okita, Marek Rybicki, Zitong Zhao, Marie Ducrocq, Maria Luisa Castro
3D DESIGN: Andrea Robu, Yuxin Zhou, Kaan Iscan
ANIMATION DESIGN: Andrei Robu, Yaya Xu, Yuxin Zhou, Sofia Noronha, Zitong Zhao, Albert Merino, Daniel Zepeda, Jarett Loeffler
ILLUSTRATION: Marina Glikman, Jessica Gracia
PHOTOGRAPHY: Sarah Hopp, Tiffany Thebodeau
PROP DESIGN: Arielle Casale, Tiffany Thebodeau
VO: Emily Jing Sum Chan


Credits: &Walsh

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