Guide to Post-Lockdown Life

Impero designed the Guide to Post-Lockdown Life. The Impero Guide to Post-Lockdown Life is a series light-hearted tips and suggestions about returning to normal as we emerge from months of staring at the same old walls.London-based agency Impero, created eight illustrations and short animations, for use on social platforms, in AR and as fly-posters, illustrating scenarios inspired by the experiences and concerns of members of the team, as they started getting back outside.

Creative director: Alastair Mills
Design director: Davide Baratta
Project manager: Tina Rugiwa
Copywriting: Tom Jordan
Illustration: Hena Bhatti, Étienne Godiard
Motion design: Étienne Godiard, Longbin Li
Augmented reality: Étienne Godiard
Photography: Étienne Godiard


Credits: Impero

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