Grit Branding & Packaging

For today’s branding project, we’re traveling to Monterrey, Mexico. Grit is a marketing studio focused on creating experiences and long-lasting bonds between brands and consumers through digital approaches. They also work on core strategy, digital content, e-commerce, and ads. For its visual identity, Grit asked Sabbath studio to develop the brand’s identity system and stationary. 

To create a brand new visual identity, Sabbath came up with a colorful concept. They worked with mainly monochromatic pieces in bright, beautiful colors. And designers achieve a sublime high-quality appearance when embossing the brand’s name. Also, its minimal aesthetic combined with the vivid palette gives Grit a sophisticated feel and a fun approach. The decision of using the English green color as the principal one creates a bold contrast to make the other lighter colors stand out.
For art direction, Sabbath studio worked along Contramateria to showcase Grit’s new design. The idea was to showcase not only stationary but some adorable boxes for business cards. This packaging followed the embossed concept and incorporated a matte finish for an ultimate upgrade.

Grit’s overall visual identity features a remarkable work from Sabbath studio. Its new modern look shows an impeccable character for the brand’s approach to its potential clients. 

Additional credits
CGI: Contramateria


Credits: Sabbath

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