Strive Bank

Financial institutions are essential parts of the modern economic system. However, banking entails complicated and cumbersome administration, so many people don’t have access to adequate financial services. Tamara Dozsa‘s dissertation aimed to design the brand of a fictional neobank that develops together with the user, providing appropriate financial and educational services called Strive Bank.

The principal values of Strive Bank are that it is design and family-centered and can evolve according to the user’s needs. Strive Bank’s modular brand reflects the idea that the financial world can positively change towards a more sustainable and inclusive world. A consciously and empathetically designed visual appearance can be an integral part of such transformation.
Its visual identity features a lively green color palette combined with bidimensional illustrations to have a friendlier digital platform. Plus, its soft color palette and its monochromatic combinations are worth saving for future inspiration. Also, the cards’ packaging is clever, as Tamara duplicated the size of the original plastic to add the welcoming brochure to Strive Bank. The brand’s family icon is super clean and perfectly matches the overall aesthetic with a friendly appearance. Scroll till the very end to check Strive Bank’s premium card 😉

All in all, we are fascinated by Tamara’s approach to try to educate in finance the whole family. And her overall concept for this branding design resulted in a modern, close, and eye-catchy visual identity, aiming to help people get adequate financial services.


Credits: Tamara Dozsa

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