Špork Spirits Packaging

Today, we’re traveling to the cold lands of the Czech Republic to showcase Špork Spirits. And we cannot think of a better idea to fight its chilly winter than with a strong beverage. The brand was born for a special occasion in Prague’s historical heart, Red Stag’s opening in Špork Palace. They asked Amoth Studio to create a beautiful yet modern packaging to match the scenery. 

Due to its context, it’s not surprising that the creative process followed historical features about its people and architecture. The process began by tracing and gathering some of the most exciting and essential facts associated with the lives of the members of the Špork family that inhabited the palace.
In particular, the most fascinating was the personality of Antonin Špork – a patron of local artists and an avid hunter. His love for adventures reflects in the motto for the whole series of the labels: crafted for life hunters. Particularly to the people who appreciate and enjoy life in all its iterations. Taking off from here, a design that combines the motifs from past and present with the endless passion for life and art came to life. Featuring a classy serif type, the wordmark includes a pair of small horns on top of the S to add this outdoors imprint Špork Spirits aims to represent. 

Would you cheer with a glass of Špork Spirits on this Saturday night to keep the cold away? 


Credits: Amoth Studio

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