Smpl Redesign

SDCO was charged with re-envisioning everything about SMPL — from the brand design, packaging, and messaging to the website and social media, while staying true to the brand’s equity and original spirit.

Much of the brand identity was informed and inspired by the products: energy bars made with efficacious doses of the superfoods, adaptogens, and micronutrients our bodies need, without the extra things like gums and animal products our bodies don’t. And, it was inspired by Ellis himself, who believes that everyone has the right to feel healthy and happy. 

The identity and packaging reflect the brand’s bold simplicity. The logotype utilizes a customized sans serif and monolinear style that feel balanced, uncomplicated, timeless, and joyful. A collection of graphic elements highlights both functional ingredients and health benefits, like improved energy and focus. Bold, black, geometric typography is juxtaposed with a palette of mellow pastels that correspond to the individual ingredients — and mood — of each bar: energy, focus, immunity, and calm. The color-coded approach is carried throughout the brand experience — from the website and social media to packaging. 


Credits: SDCO Partners

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