Remind Table Branding

Nowadays, many people started being more conscientious about their food origins. They are looking for natural and organic products without harming the environment or the animals involved. This green mentality is rapidly increasing in some countries. And Remind Table brand is in charge of reminding you of your eating habits as a sustainable food. They asked Dooooo creative studio to design their packaging. 

There’s a general shift towards plant-based diets, restaurants, and products. Still, no one is forcing others to do so; we’re uncertain if this is a trend or a new human adaptation. Dooooo’s brand wants to talk about the benefits of sustainable food that are good for you, the environment, and everyone. The studio was in charge of business modeling, brand strategy and identity, and product design.
Remind Table triggers you to have an insightful attitude respecting your actual alimentation. Plus, it invites you to rethink it through vegetarianism and its positive effects. For instance, the packaging labels have a long block of text covered with a colored rectangle with the actual, natural ingredients of the food. The color palette includes black and white plus some rustic, soft tones of pink, green and brown. 

All in all, we love Remind Table’s sustainable approach and its minimal design with a strong concept behind it. Also, we find it super interesting that some boxes have the percentage represented with bars of the amount of every ingredient. 


Credits: Dooooo .

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