Rebranding the UK’s Creative Industries

Multivitamin Group has been busy working on the new Creative UK Group website, ensuring CUK remains a driving force for the country’s creative industries.

The new brand and digital presence bring together the unique Creative UK Group brand identity, which Multivitamin Group previously had worked on. This centralized hub for creative communities needed a unified website where different elements of a large and complex organization share an identity. Using the core ethos of unification, Multivitamin Group ensured the website users would find real creativity embedded in the pages. An element of delight was a priority for the UX UI designs to provide a sense of surprise from the dynamically fluid effects and parts of the motion for the website users. The development and design team let their creativity shine through via their attention to detail giving sparks throughout the new pages. The exciting and new Creative UK Group brand identity shines through the design creating an inspirational and unified interface.

The website includes the bespoke font ‘CUK Amplify’ created by Multivitamin Group and has been used all over the creative industries website. The font best captures the care and attention which the organization leads by. “Shaped through a timeless and accessible grotesk style, subtle humanist qualities gave way for not only a more distinctive result but one which put people at its core” comments Bob Lloyd, Art Director at Vitamin London.

Multivitamin Group had created various user personas to understand the needs and requirements of CUK visitors. In doing so, they had a deeper understanding of what users hoped to achieve from the creative industries website and, ultimately, the needs of the wider creative community. Information on the landing pages was given a hierarchical structure to surface content clearly to users. A collaborative effort on creating both a solid brand identity and building a versatile component library ultimately will empower the creative community; with easily accessible resources, funds, and knowledge. Brought to life through abstract, expressive, and organic 3D visuals the website includes all the opportunities and a wealth of information for the creative industries to utilize.

Commenting on the announcement, Jacob Beckett, Multivitamin Group’s Founder & Executive Creative Director, says: “Creative UK needed a dynamic brand that speaks to, and for creatives, which is why we articulated the brand through the core tenet of amplification.

Utilizing the visual, sonic and the physical this is a brand that pays homage to all people and disciplines, driving collective power and amplifying our message through human-to-human connection – creating a brand that we all have equity in. Creative UK’s new brand is a cri de couer – it’s our collective, creative voice.”

“Creative England and the Creative Industries Federation already bring people together, they educate, they communicate and they drive the industry forward but they were missing the digital keystone. How do we ensure the whole is greater than the sum of all parts? This had to be a digital-first approach to community building.

Our interface theory was built on the ideas of unity, opportunity, and progression. This manifests in constant user feedback with the energy of any view being thrown forward from left to right. On a functional level, we create hierarchy and organization through hashtags encouraging curation into your interest graph while messaging features allow for frictionless comms. This is a platform that connects people, content, events and amplifies the creative message.”


Credits: Multivitamin Group

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