Park & Grove Identity

SDCO was invited to reimagine the identity and experience of a popular Charleston restaurant by transforming its space and concept: Park & Grove.

Custom letterforms are a modern interpretation of the serif with smooth transitional and soft corners. Badges with the brand tagline and descriptive copy, hand-drawn illustrations of fresh local ingredients, and a map of the neighborhood reflect the eatery’s connection to nature, farmers, producers, and community. Secondary, Park & Grove’s illustrations highlight food and drink in an inviting, whimsical style. A vibrant color palette of cream, yellow, orange, peach, leafy greens, and black echo the colors of fresh, local produce, flora, and the eatery’s lively energy. The result is a compelling visual language that beautifully translates across everything from exterior murals and signage to interior environments, menus, posters, stationery, coasters, and digital media.


Credits: SDCO Partners

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