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“MOSKOVSKAYA” is one of the favorite projects of the architectural studio “PAINTIT”, on which they have been working for more than 3 years.

Despite the fact that we developed about 100 visualization options and the visual design was designed quite quickly, at the implementation stage they encountered some difficulties and the project was delayed for more than a year. Nevertheless, the creative team managed to create the same interior and realize all the wishes of the customers, for whom functionality was extremely important, which would take into account the interests of all family members.

As for the project, MOSKOVSKAYA consists of two apartments united together, thanks to the optimal planning solution PAINTIT’s team created, which completely transformed the space and appearance of the future apartment.

Due to the radial layout of the house, the main question initially is how to correctly fit non-functional zones into the future interior. Designers turned irregularly shaped blind corners into capacious wardrobes, designed specifically for the needs of the owners.

The interior design style can be described as sensible minimalism with vintage elements. White walls with bright accents inscribed a lot of pleasant and dear things related to the personal hobbies of customers. MOSKOVSKAYA’s project expresses the harmonious combination of modern and vintage furniture, which creates a unique tandem and perfectly expresses the unique vibe of the apartment design.

Each room has its own peculiarity and individual style.

The ideal solution for this project was to combine two rooms to optimize the space, so we managed to create a common area. At the initial stage of planning, according to the plan, the kitchen was on the left, and the recreation area was on the right, but after we dismantled the walls and lowered the windows that opened the view of the Dnieper, designers realized that the kitchen and the living room should be swapped, despite the fact that we already done half the project. They did the redevelopment at our own expense and in the shortest possible time.

All common area furniture was designed by us and made by their contractors. But the vintage chairs of the beginning of the last century, which they found on the alder tree and restored for a very high amount compared to the cost of the chairs themselves, add a special piquancy to the kitchen.

As for the living room, the two-sided sofa perfectly zones the space in it. Here you can spend time reading books or watching movies.

Since the customers are very fond of reading books and have a huge collection, we decided to use this fact and make a “metaphorical” connection between the living room and the bedroom. The metaphor of “entrance through wisdom” is to pass from the living room through the bookshelf through special doors, the search for which was a real challenge for them.

At first, they planned to find old doors, but it was quite difficult to find the right size for their concept, so they developed their own design and recreated it.


Credits: PAINTIT

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