LOVB – League One Volleyball

League One Volleyball just launched a first-of-its-kind US volleyball community and professional women’s volleyball league. LOVB recently launched to the public with a brand that encapsulates both the grace and grit of its athletes. LOVB is more than just a league — it is a startup using the strategic power of design to reimagine the future of women’s sports. The creative in charge were Patrick Cox, the brand’s Creative Director and designer of the 2012 Olympic logo, and the co-founder & CEO Katlyn Gao.

For LOVB’s identity, starting with the naming is pronounced love, with a silent B to convey the emotion and connection that is true to the sport. The brand name is unique because, unlike many other women’s professional leagues, LOVB omits the word “women” from the acronym. Respecting its color palette, the brand features a range of pastels and vibrant neons, deviating from the masculine color palettes of most sports leagues.
As part of the launch, the brand unveiled its first campaign video. A partnership with BIPOC-founded Art Camp was necessary for the video footage. It features interviews with pros, teens, parents, coaches, and Olympians like Haleigh Washington, Kim Hill, Kelsey RobinsonJustine Wong Orantes (2020 gold medalists), and Danielle Scott (5x Olympian), sharing what it means for them to be a part of the LOVB community. The film’s creative direction breaks the mold of triumph and warrior, branding that other league’s pioneer.


Credits: Patrick Cox & Katlyn Gao

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