Lacy Bird Brand Identity

Lacy Bird is a floristry studio and flower delivery, established in 2012 in Moscow to stir up a monotonous market and turn it more creative and sophisticated. Nowadays, Lacy Bird is among Russia’s most trendsetting flower studios. By refreshing the brand outward Shuka Design aimed to capture its core role in the forefront of premium floristry and help to establish flower sets as a fashion trend.

The visual identity is designed to be eloquent both in digital communication and packaging systems through online stores, social media, flower boxes, and wrapping paper. Wordmarks bold letterforms are a reminiscence of the Arts and Craft movement — reduced to a monogram, it also appears as a pattern. Lacy Bird’s emblem is a literal visualization of the studio’s title — lacy petals of a blossomed bud are taking shape of a soaring bird.

Additional credits
Creative director: ivan velichko
Art director: dasha zudina
Logo: ivan velichko
Designer: varya goncharova
Motion designer: dmitry kozlyaev
Photography: ivan knyazev
Set design: polina zagumenova
Writing: vasilii kolesnik
Producer: katerina shcherbakova


Credits: Shuka Design

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