Isla del Sol

Todo comenzó algún tiempo atrás en la Isla del Sol… It’s a very well-known song called Isla del Sol, which emanates summer wherever it’s played. And as we’re already feeling nostalgic about the summer holidays, we decided to play it for you on a Sunday to attract some positive vibes from the sun. What says more summertime than a cold beer? Not even Google has the answer to this question. So, we’re showcasing Jarosław Dziubek‘s design for Isla del Sol’s brewery.

His work for this beer brand and packaging design includes some simple; yet funny characters to recognize each flavor apart from its colored label. Jarosław came up with a summer-inspired color palette featuring some neon colors and other dim ones. The design features a mainly typographic concept with one of 2021’s most used trends: bold letters. In this case, the designer chose a clean sans serif typeface, which becomes the center of attention.
As a secondary resource, he added some tiny doodled characters summer-themed. Some of them are a faced lemon, a sun with sneakers and sunnies, and even a chilling cocktail! Apart from the packaging design, Jarosław made some collages with some Pinterest-inspired summer photographs aesthetic plus a vintage look.

All in all, we’re looking forward to grabbing some beers with our mates and enjoying the last summer days so far. And why not try to come up with more doodly characters for Isla del Sol family.


Credits: Jarosław Dziubek

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