Back with 2021 trends, there’s one that keeps blowing our minds away. Can you imagine which one? We have showcased many of these, but we always want to bring something new to the table, and Hillflare’s identity is a jaw-dropping design by Sabbath studio. Yes, we’re talking about color gradients. So, let’s dig into this project!

Hillflare is a growth marketing startup focused on increasing companies’ income by creating and optimizing your business strategy in digital media. They asked Sabbath to create their branding. The core concept for the design is the aura, or light radiation, which represents an energy field of obstinate energy. Definitely, it’s a project to vibe with and let it glow.
The combination of full-black bold type font and the bright color palette designers chose are on point. The contrast between elements perfectly works out and makes the agency’s identity stand out among competitors. For its stationary design, all of it is embossed, giving the brand an extra high quality to the printed gradients, thanks to printing technologies, it’s possible to achieve unpolluted results.

All in all, we are fascinated by the concept and the overall aesthetic Sabbath studio created for Hillflare’s identity. And we enjoy its positive expanding vibes. Plus, it gives the brand a modern and trendy approach to attract more customers.


Credits: Sabbath

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