HIJ Taller

Does it ever happen to you finding your work soulmate? Not in the way you think alike, but in your disagreements, you complement each other and become a stronger mind. If this ever happened to you, you already know it’s priceless, as the trust you have for each other is blindly inquestionable. Once again, we’re taking you to Mexico City, where HIJ Taller, an architecture and design studio’s identity, stands out thanks to Fugitiva‘s work. 

This is Helena and Juan’s scenario, they are Spanish architects specialized in creating exceptional solutions in theater planning, not with opposite minds but complementary ones. We believe there’s a substantial difference between contrary and matching. So, Fugitiva designers had to link them somehow that’s why they incorporated the I to the name. The character stands for the magic it happens when working together as a team. The H, free and extroverted, represents Helena’s active, organic, and visionary personality, while the J, forceful and solid, describes Juan’s pragmatic and practical character.
Fugitiva created the perfectly balanced composition between Helena’s art-passionated side and Juan’s expertise in functionality and morphology. Designers had tons of sensibility when representing each architects’ essence into a type character. Plus, both should belong to the same system and integrate a third component to describe their mystic without merging themselves. The idea was that every element could stand on its own and, when together, be one same brand identity. The color palette chosen is on point, and the green, brownish colors make this unique orange hue pop out; we love it.

The overall branding project is stunning. We can witness that behind HIJ Taller, two different minds do not share the same point of view but work together, complementing each other. 


Credits: Fugitiva

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