Sunday evenings are considered by most of us the most unproductive time of the week when you’re scattered on the sofa, scrolling on your phone, and thinking about the forthcoming week. So, to relax and procrastinate a bit more, we’re showcasing Grušovnik Wine elegant branding project designed by Wedesignstuff TM studio.

Grušovnik Wine is a small-scale producer still breaking into the market, so creatives were looking for a fresh approach, boosting its visibility and improve the brand’s recognition. The project involved designing Grušovni’s visual identity, packaging, and printing production.
Labels contain a long brand name in large letters, so the full name can only be read by rotating the bottle. This feature makes the winemaker name this design’s protagonist. The additional label information positions in a nontraditional way, creating a dynamic result. Indeed this arrangement is what makes this wine bottle design pop out and distinguished it from others in the market. The color palette looks fresh and modern. At the same time, it’s not too invasive due to the subdued tones. Designers finished the label with a UV varnish for an additional premium effect.

Finally, the typeface selected has an elegant serif imprint that blends traditional French and British genres into a contemporary aesthetic. So, this is our invitation to uncork a fancy wine and have a glass of it in your best lazy PJ’s on a Sunday evening 🙂

Wedesignstuff TM’s members are two stuff designers dedicated to minimalism and a holistic brand approach. Stuff* are all visual elements representing their clients and their brands. A strong brand breathes consistency on all levels, logo, business card, website, including visuals and its story. Only in such a way can a brand gain its much-deserved recognition.


Credits: Wedesignstuff TM

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