Desja Branding & Packaging

Once again, we find ourselves showcasing a skincare project. This time sophistication and elegance are at the center of the scene. Desja’s brand revolves around the concept that skincare not only maintains us but sustains us. Desja creates highly nutritious skincare to feed our skin and spirits. Powered by oils, fruits, and vegetables, it also includes vitamins and antioxidants. From naming to identity to packaging, Kati Forner‘s team tuned the Desja brand into natural nourishment that fully satiates them. 

At first, the studio chose a name that felt grounded and passionate. We cannot think of another language other than French. So, they derived from the Old French des ja, meaning From Now. For the logo, creatives brought to life with a sinuously beautiful logo mark displayed with a fancy circular D secondary mark representing wholeness. Then, they emphasized the luxurious tone with the tagline, “Body care for your highest health”. Plus, its elevated messaging encourages us to have a healthy appetite for abundance.
Respecting Desja’s color palette, a naturally rich palette was selected and contrasted with clean, geometric layouts for a lush effect. Whereas, the packaging, the beautiful light purple tone surprises us when opening the little English green-toned box. In addition, we’re fascinated by how the lilac printed on kraft lightens the elegance towards an accessible and modern tone, reminding us of skin color too. 


Credits: Kati Forner

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