COLECT Planner

In 2023, Lucas Machado designed two products for COLECT: a notebook and a planner. Both were conceived with a focus on functionality, promoting organization and creativity, along with an aesthetic that makes them decorative elements in any environment.
A set consisting of six individual notebooks, each featuring a unique grid design: triangle, square, dotted lines, ruled, and blank pages. The notebooks are presented in a fabric-covered box, available in seven color options. Versatile for drawing or writing, they can be carried individually, taking up minimal space.
A set of 12 individual notebooks, one for each month of the year. Each notebook is divided into three sections: one dedicated to monthly planning, another for weekly visualization and planning, and a third section for notes. It is undated and includes a calendar covering the years 2023/2024, allowing for a more flexible organization.


Credits: Lucas Machado

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