Braw Liquor Club

Connected to Mindsparkle’s SOTD, today we’re showcasing a Scottish liquor brand that brings contemporary luxury to our mag. Braw Liquor Club is locally sourced, small-batch cocktails; expertly crafted with premium Scottish ingredients. The brand has initially launched with two classic cocktails. An Old Fashioned and Bramble, with a Scottish “braw” twist! The brand introduced sea tangle, aka seaweed, for bitter notes and gooseberry for a sharp punch. My Creative team produced Braw’s brand identity and label system.

The idea was to reflect its misologist’s craft when layering flavors and spirits together to create a delicious cocktail. These flavor profiles became the inspiration to depict Scottish landscapes in layers of color, forming a mountain range or seascape. Creatives linked the product and source directly to the brand.
A simple but iconic sun shape is part of the brand that is hole-punched out of each label and drinks card. Designers framed the liquor as a jewel in the label and throughout the brand and hope to add new drinks anytime soon!

Luckily they came up with a flexible graphic system that can expand to the new members of the Braw family. Look out for Espresso Martini, Mint Julep, and a West Coast Margarita!


Credits: My Creative

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