Baillie Baillie

For today’s design post, we’re traveling to Glasgow, a city made of sandstone and named by UNESCO as a creative city. Also, Baillie Baillie studio locates there, where a small studio of creative architects. They asked Felt Design to create their visual identity, embodying the studio’s essence. 

Firstly, as Baillie Baillie is deep-rooted in Glasgow, the creative team learned about the area’s landscape, climate and traditions. Once everything’s incorporated, they should subtly apply all the knowledge in a way that suits Baillie Baillie’s principles. For instance, their building style is contemporary yet timeless.
To materialize all the ideas, Felt designers chose a beautiful tone of green, fresh but still with a vintage feel. And for the typography choice, they went for a sans serif one, which adds a more modern and clean style. Also, art direction for the overall work was in Felt’s hands. The all-green background matching the business cards creates a lovely, home-felt atmosphere. In addition, we can witness some of their architectural work for Kepdarroch Farmhouse, a new rural house in Stirlingshire.

Baillie Baillie’s new refreshing branding strategy improves its communication and refines its messaging. Moreover, the printed pieces reflect finesse and look high quality. Are you considering visiting Glasgow so far? 

​​Additional credits
Architecture Photography by Alex James Aylin
Business Card Photography by Kyle Lamond


Credits: Felt

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