Baillat Studio

Baillat Studio passionately believes that design and emotional experiences play a crucial role in bringing humans closer together, helping brands reach their full potential, and exuding positive energy into the world. They have a personal and professional belief that anything can become more unique, given enough love.
They value close, collaborative relationships with their clients and their network of emerging artists. Also, this new identity marks the beginning of a new period for the studio. Their vision is redefined, and their ambitions are renewed. Baillat Studio leverages the power of art and design to move people and brands forward.

The new website has been designed to highlight the duality of the studio’s fields of expertise. The team specializes in visual identity and experience. It’s through these two approaches they leverage the power of art and design to move people and brands forward.
As an invitation for the film premiere, Baillat Studio designed a series of boxes that contained a silk scarf and an invitation card in an envelope with a Baillat Studio cut-out. Cryptic sentences by Steve Savage were included in the design to tease the guests.
Plus, The Clock is a short film that acts as the final piece of Baillat Studio’s new identity. It presents the new logo integrated into a circular clock that symbolizes change, growth, energy, and the beginning of a new era.


Credits: Baillat Studio

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