Goodfood Market

What’s better than enjoying last summer days with a picnic from the Goodfood Market? Plus, these last weeks are a bit better at respecting their temperature as you don’t melt even if you’re under a tree. The transition to autumn is otherworldly, witnessing the color changing of the leaves and falling, such a spectacle from mother nature.

Now that we set the mood, we’re presenting Leonardo Studio Design for Canada’s #1 meal kit, Goodfood Market, their new digital stores. Creatives were in charge of developing the art direction for the brand’s products. The twist was to find a family-appealing style to pop out the screen. Goodfood market’s mission is to provide local, quality products and be accessible to families. So, the concept designers came up with is simple, reliable, and super fun!
We know the rules for going online are very different from what you find on the supermarket’s shelves. Plus, everything has to look clean and fresh to attract customers. It’s an extra to add value to the product by suggesting other ingredients to combine it with or introducing easy recipes. Luckily, the Goodfood Market’s products have a colorful and vibrant style that helps in art direction time!

The result? Fresh and cool vibes are approaching its site. Fresh, seasonal ingredients to cook delicious recipes, delivered for free to your doorstep, that make us happy.


Credits: Leonardo Studio Design

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