Good Ways Deli

Good Ways Deli is a deli in Sydney. Created by two locals versed in the Sydney food scene, GWD approached With You intending to be an inclusive community in Mecca. They use classic deli favorites, Good Ways Deli’s products infuse Aussie flavors and native ingredients with quality produce. Their celebration of authentic ingredients creates a sense of timelessness and inclusivity and is a great way to enjoy good food.

Sydney is known for its vibrant food scene — a melting pot of cultures and cuisines, with what are seemingly thousands of options at our doorsteps. Establishing your name in the market is considered a feat, with the most successful cafes establishing loyal customer bases to become community favorites. For Good Ways Deli, this community experience was at the very heart of their brand – something that the whole neighborhood could get around, becoming a second home for those popping in for a daily brew.
Crafting GWD’s timeless design was super relevant for the team, as they consider it expresses the flexibility and relatability of their creative approach. Multiple logo marks make up the brand, creating an evolving experience. The typefaces themselves hint at the nostalgic value that the brand encapsulates so well, only assisted by a green inspired by vintage Australiana. The versatility of the typography lock-ups ensures flexibility moving forward for the brand, anchoring it with a sense of timelessness.
The brand’s slogan: ‘Good ways to…’, targets moments in our everyday life that would be aided by the convenience of going somewhere with local food. It also speaks to a tongue-in-cheek Aussie sense of humor, something everyone can get around. This phrase is used in different iterations across multiple applications, inspiring moments of delight for every touch-point.

There was a goal to ensure that there was a shared community feeling across the brand. Also, designers developed multiple items of takeaway merchandise, celebrating this localized experience. Everyone with a piece of merchandise becomes part of the Good Ways family. The brand’s visual identity honors the overall goal of the project: to create an inclusive and timeless brand that is central to its local community.


Credits: With You Studio

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