GNP engineering consultants

We’re getting a bit technical and precise this Saturday, as we’re showcasing GNP engineering consultants’ brand identity designed by Phantom. GNP provides many professional services high in quality related to measuring. GNP’s motto is ‘Measuring twice for the point cloud’, which matches with a Spanish one ‘Measure twice, cut once.’

The consultancy is all about large spaces, as they provide drone-GPS aerial photography services too. To start working on GNP’s brand new identity, Phantom studio focused on the laser scanning bases. This accurate process consists of a laser beam, which deforms as it falls on different surfaces and volumes, recording everything it scans. Phantom team played with dematerializing the brochure to become a laser, with which in light presence, we would scan what’s behind.
Creatives applied the same slit concept to the bright, vertical brochure with consultancy services and capabilities. Plus, they incorporated the yellow tone, particularly of accurate measuring brands in the market, and the iconic measuring tape. The brand’s identity rounds up with the client’s folder, which features the recognizable photographic scale of the surveying level.

The overall style for GNP’s brand is simple and clean yet modern. The incorporation of measuring tapes for the art direction adds a humorous and friendly quote to the branding design, which we love. 

Additional credits
Photographer: Stefanos Tsakiris
Printhouse: Asterios & Christos Goussios


Credits: Phantom

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