Global Nourish

Global Nourish encourages us to take care of our skin while enjoying the best scents and relaxing rituals. Inspired by the European wellness weekends and California spa retreats,  Kati Forner came up with a glorious visual identity. Here’s their invitation to adopt relaxing rituals and create a harmonious environment while taking care of your skin. 

Have you ever tried one of those rituals where your body becomes the centerpiece? For this, Global Nourish offers a scented candle with a never-seen-before packaging that matches every bathroom design. The combination of the curved glass container with the subtle brand logo is on point. Also, the color palette inspiration is super relatable as they provide us with some soothing tones.
The shinny Californian sun becomes the center of the scene for Global Nourish’s logo designed by Kati Forner, combined with calming hues to create a relaxing atmosphere. However, it keeps a modern style staying away from medical aesthetics. To complement the art direction, they included some palm trees in concordance with the Californian theme. Respecting the packaging encourages us to discover many features inside it, like its embossed textures and interior color floods that bring warmth and emotion to the environment. The brand’s message consists of a 360 body experience as the tagline is “Whole Body Beauty”. 

The overall look and feel of Kati Forner’s design give a fresh sensation. Plus, Global Nourish’s branding reminds us of the perfect and unique sunsets in California. If you’ve been there, you might relate to this too. 


Credits: Kati Forner

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