Gild Group

Outline’s work with Gild Group, an e-commerce retail strategy and service group, was rooted in the company’s belief that the instinct to create, sell and buy is authentically human. In fact, Gild Group believes that technology has not meaningfully altered the art of commerce, but only made it more possible. Thus, Outline looked to the Old World for inspiration. The branding has nods to fine art, early technological advances and communal market culture.

Gild Group’s primary logo is a custom, modernized blackletter G that contrasts against the full wordmark, always in stark black and white. The brand’s print stationery and business cards use textural boards, glossy foil stamps and debossing for impactful, luxe effects. A Renaissance-era market scene appears in pieces on business card backs and as peekaboo moments on the company website – only rendering in full once the initial information is shared.


Credits: Outline

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