GBGT Box A Lovely Atmosphere

The primary function of a box designed by Bedow is to shield its precious contents from outer harm. At GBGT Box, this functionality is elevated to an art-form while keeping a strong focus on sustainability. ‘A Lovely Atmosphere’ is a nested collection of five premium boxes – a metaphor for the Earth’s atmospheric layers – that not only communicates the sustainable approach of GBGT Box but also showcases their exceptional craftsmanship.

‘A Lovely Atmosphere’ consists of five different boxes, with each box telling a story and offering a visual interpretation of the five layers of the Earth’s atmosphere. The title of the outmost box is typed with an anamorphic perspective to visualise the gravitational loss that occurs in the final layer of the atmosphere – the exosphere.

When opening the box, the tray unfolds to reveal the next layer of the atmosphere. The boxes’ trays are made of coloured board. Each box has a seamless cubic shape thanks to precision slicing, a technology GBGT Box has spent years perfecting. Inside the final box lies a precious gift, a Ginkgo seed, which recipients can plant to contribute to a lovely atmosphere. Each box comes with a list of material components and a carbon footprint calculation to raise awareness of the impact the packaging industry has on the environment. It also highlights GBGT Box’s low-impact packaging.


Credits: Bedow

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