Galamb Tailoring brand identity

Galamb Tailoring offers the highest quality handmade suits in Budapest. „Galamb” means „Dove” in Hungarian, the name came from their previous location on Galamb Street. Before opening their exclusive downtown salon they came to DekoRatio a Design & Branding studio with an incredible project: the overall rebranding of Galamb Tailoring and creating a visual identity that reflects the key elements of the brand: style, perfection and tradition.  Brand concept Galamb Tailoring embraces the 100 years old tradition of bespoke tailoring with a delicate touch of modernity. They create luxury suits for gentlemen who seek elegance without compromise. Each and every Galamb suit is a masterpiece made of exquisite materials, close to 5000 stitches and months of passionate, detail-focused work. The aim was to capture the brand’s essence in a simple, elegant yet instantly recognizable way. I created a symbol of a jacket’s collar and lapels that resonates with bespoke tailoring but also emerges into a flying dove. The color palette is dominated by dove grey, complemented with elegant black. Together with Kevin Harald Campean who is responsible for the design and DekoRatio who developed the branding this project is truly a masterpiece making the brand stand out.


Credits: Kevin Harald Campean (design) & DekoRatio (branding)

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