Alex Dang designed Gaias. The first seed of Gaias was the idea to improve the human-plant symbiosis. The designers solution is to create the most seamless yet exciting shopping and planting experience by offering a wide-range botanical collection, attached with precise care information and full supports.

The name ‘Gaias’ inspires the message ‘Everyone is a God of Earth (Gaia) nurturing nature’ and bridges the gap between people and plants by fostering an active and helpful plant-parent community.

Plants usually grow thick, undirected, and also unexpected. We mostly witness the existence of plants in dynamic yet astonishing propagation. The collection of Gaias illustrations reproduce the presence of plants in organic and abstractive contours, by tracing the specific tree profile.

The continuous tracing line constructs the overlap and symbolic silhouette of plants blooming on the canvas to honor all moments of tree growth. Are you eager to experiment? A half-blank postcard is readyfor your first trial.


Credits: Alex Dang

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